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Mobile Product Selection Different for Android/IPhone


  • Webbrent started the conversation

    Good Day,

    When you click once on a product in the mobile view on an iPhone it brings up the various icon options "Compare, Add to Wish List, Discovery" etc... Then if you click again it takes you into the product.

    However when you click once on the product using an Android mobile it takes you directly into the product without first showing the compare, discover, or wish list icons.

    So the experience is different when using different mobile platform. Is there a way to normalise one click to show options and then second to go into the product from all mobile platforms?


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    Naik replied

    Unfortunately, the hover effect coming from the desktop on these two mobile platforms is handled differently.

    Android does not support 2 clicks yet.

    Thank you!

    Best regards,

    Naik - Lightatend Team 

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